Thursday, October 8, 2009

yes no maybe i don't know can you repeat the question

life isn't black and white, it's a million gray isn't it?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I was given free grand stand ticket just to see my beloved team eventually being ‘titik-kaw2’

Johor FC 5 Kedah 1

This may sound awkwardly imaginative, but for the first time (hmm..all the time actually) felt like i should be the manager, make a massive genius tactical change and turn the game into a superb fightback

Or perhaps I should be one of the players on field, scoring a dozen of goals..blerghhh

Devastated, currently listening to 'the strokes-hard to explain'

Nota buat penyokong2 johor: sila cari tempat perlindungan dgn segera yah

Saturday, June 13, 2009

money matters

So we graduated, obtained a good grade, being employed, spending half of our day being the slave to the system, enjoying another half of the day with a mind thinking of tomorrow yet still to come, and for what reasons? Absolutely money indeed

But do we have to chase the money like chasing a bunch of hot celebrities with the hope of taking photos together and later showing off to our colleagues like they care so much about that?

For the fame, yeah I guess. But for our need of surviving this sickened mother earth and able to mingle around buying some food at the price of RM4.20 and later being asked “Abang, 20 sen ade tak?” crystal clear nope, absolutely NOPE

P/s: Bau duit gaji hasil titik peluh sendiri mmg masyuk wallaaweii, hahahaha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

shit happens

sialan buat mereka2 yg membelok dgn tiba2 tanpa memberi sebarang signal,
gara2 perilaku anda, bumperku mendapat ciuman manis percuma..sigh~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Centralised Tankage Facility, Port Tg Langsat

At work you need to look as if you’re really working damn hard, in fact the harder you look, the better it is.. yeye je,hahahaha

Keje site bikin ak sunburn kulit bertona2 semakin macho saham semakin naik (ini akak siti yg keje dlm ofis ber-aircond pakai seksi tade sape pun tak kesah bknnye akak kne panjat tank mn2 pun yg ckp eh, tade maknenye ak suke2 nk puji diri sendiri nie, better ak puji2 a girl yg sgt cumel tue, huhu, ske la tuh)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

dari THI ke TL

*THI – Titi Haji Idris

**TL – Tanjung Langsat

And so long to devotion
It taught me everything I know
Wave goodbye, wish me well
You've gotta let me go

p/s: mengulaq kt rmh no more, mengulaq kt tmpt keja la pulak,

nonstop working like I’m somekind of a robot cannot la bos..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i should consider myself a football fan when...

Last night, went to this football match, between two galacticos (not Man Utd neither nor Real Madrid), just ordinary local teams with a bunch of players, mixture of old and young lads, inspired mostly by this so-called european style of play, and trying really damn hard to adapt the strategy into their own.

Lots of people were there, called themselves true fans which literally meaning to be there for the team supporting when they are high-achievers maintaining a straight win in a row, and as if the team in a low and hard condition trying to find the perfect rhythm to at least satisfy with a draw, hopefully the supporters will stand their ground without ever giving up continuously supporting the team, though each and every moves made by the players seem to be inappropriate and wasted, but still have the guts and believe that they can make it and grab a consolation one point.

But the truth, NAHHH, no such people exist, maybe there is, but the question is, how many? A person? A couple of persons? A triple of persons? A quadruple of persons? (just continue to count if you’re not feeling bored of doing so)

We, as Malaysian citizen, football supporters specifically, are really passionate about those playing in european league, criticizing here and there why on earth did the local players are not as good as Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez (wtf I’m giving examples from this evil team, have I lost my mind) but do we ever think once for god sake, that we’ve been a good supporter similarly to what we’ve seen live on TV, supporting their team wholeheartedly till the last minutes patiently waiting for the miracle to happen as if the game was a fairytale story with a happy ending

Do we have enough credentials to condemn the players of not playing in a world class standard when we also are not behaving as a world class supporter as well???